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Financial content marketing
Financial marketing
Financial content

Fincommunicatons is a specialist financial marketing team

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For an interactive and contemporary financial brands

Gone are the days of having to teach your marketing agency about finance.

We’re CFP®’s, right-brained creatives and IT gurus

who know the financial services industry backwards.

We have knowledge and experience in both the financial and marketing industries and are in the unique position to merge the love of art, words, finance and IT into an inspired service designed to help businesses increase performance by communicating more effectively with their clients.

We believe that interactive communication, leveraged by the right technology, is key to growth in the industry.

Our services include

Financial content


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There’s no reason for financial writing to be boring or threatening.  Let us create worthy, relevant and creative content that’s actually read and enjoyed.  It WORKS for websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, advertorials and editorial.

Website development


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Digital marketing is strategic, measurable and cost-effective and the only way to go!   Let us help you with an integrated plan using the most efficient online media to enhance your brand’s reputation, generate leads and optimize conversion.

Content marketing


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Once we’ve created some killer content, we make sure it’s read and results in profitable client interaction.  Great content educates, builds trust, credibility and authority.  And it’s ESSENTIAL for search engine optimization.  .

Financial marketing


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We build websites which differentiate financial brands – the greatest challenge in financial services marketing.  It’s all about superb functionality, contemporary design, and content that makes people scroll through the whole site and respond.

Email marketing


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Email marketing remains a top priority. It delivers the best ROI because it’s wanted, expected and welcome.  We can segment your list, personalize the messages and turn subscribers into loyal brand advocates.  Our stats reports give instant insight into the value of content.

Social media management


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We know the law and how financial planners need to post, share and tweet to remain compliant.  Leave it to us so to ensure your communication aligns with key business goals, educates, builds interactive online communities and drives conversion.

FinCommunications offers a collective experience of magic, creativity, intelligence, science, and stats, much like the honeycomb in our logo.

Charles Darwin himself praised the honeycomb for being “absolutely perfect in economising labor and wax,” and who are we to disagree?

We work with


“It’s been a privilege to work with Linda as both a consultant and a personal client. Her objectivity, professionalism and most of all compassion really do set her apart. I have always experienced Linda’s work ethic and value system to be the very definition of professionalism.  Working with Linda is the difference people seek and need in overhauling their financial lives.”

Elise Burns-Hoffman , Burns-Hoffman Consulting

“I partnered with Linda to realign the processes of a local financial planning practice. I was impressed by her pragmatic yet considered approach. She always had the key business drivers uppermost in her mind and refused to be side-tracked by the process for its own sake. That, together with her drive to get the job done, was the key ingredient to the success of the project.”

Jon Jaaback • Director , Propsolve

“You think like artists beyond the financial planning realm.  You’re creatively wired and entirely comfortable with the complexities of the financial services industry.  You have an integrity of purpose and express your ideas freely and filter through complex topics with real thought.”

Ken Silke / Director , Finance Law